¿Travel with your pet, why not?

It is very difficult nowadays to find enough time for our pets. Therefore, we offer you options on your trips to share these journeys with them.


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Hotels and beaches Pet Friendly

We offer you pet friendly destinations, hotels and beaches where they are admitted, and other kind of services where you and your pets are welcome; and you can also enjoy in special areas, routes and natural spaces thought for a familiar leisure with your pets, so you don’t need to separate from them.

If you want to stay for holidays, for a week-end, etc… or another travel option that you would like with them, you are on the correct website. Contact with us.

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¿Are you thinking of giving a present to your dog? Dedicate a complete day of holidays
for your dog


We propose a complete leisure plan: visit the first Aquapark for dogs in Spain, where you can also enjoy with you family the first ludic space with these characteristics, thought for them (To be open 8th June 2014).

And if you don’t have time to visit the Aquapark with your family, we propose that at the same time you are visiting a museum or making an excursion in the city, your dog also enjoys the day.

HOW? We offer you a pick up and return service for your dog at your hotel or place that you indicate, the lodging in the canine residence of 5*, and the ticket for the Aquapark.

With us you will find advice and solutions about how to travel with your pets, to places where they are admitted, the requests for travelling with them, transportation rules and other requirements according to each case.

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Special Offer

Get a Ticket free for the Aquapark for your dog, if you book pick up and return services, diurnal residence, radius not superior to 50 Km. from the Aquapark.